Family as First Teachers

The FaFT Program is an early learning and family support program for remote Indigenous families with children prior to school entry (0-3 years). The program aims to develop place based programs to engage families and communities in giving their children the best start in life. It is respectful of Indigenous child rearing practices and is strength based.

The program delivers services to families from the birth of the child until entry to Preschool, working with a range of agencies and organisations to meet their individual needs. FaFT acknowledges the important role families have as the first teacher of their children.

The FaFT program builds family knowledge of child development and provides early learning through active engagement in quality early childhood education and family support strategies. Key contributing factors to promote optimum development, such as parental knowledge of early childhood learning and development, parenting skills, health, hygiene, nutrition and family functioning are addressed.

FaFT has five key messages:

  1. Families who understand how their children learn and develop are able to support them now and in the future.
  2. Healthy children have a better chance to grow up strong and succeed in life.
  3. Early learning experiences impact on life outcomes.
  4. Building on community strengths will empower families and support them to give their children the best start in life.
  5. Parental literacy and numeracy skills help to support children’s success at school.