Yuendumu School is a safe place for everyone who comes to work, learn and play.

At Yuendumu School we have three very simple, yet very important rules:

1. Every person here is respected
2. Every person here is safe
3. Every person here has a right to learn

We believe that if everybody follows these rules, together we can create a fun, happy place within the community.

We look after and support each other at Yuendumu School. If someone is having a bad day or has made some bad choices, we don’t yell at them, we talk about it.
We solve problems by talking and working together.

Parents are very important to us at Yuendumu School and are always welcome. We need parents to help teachers to look after and teach the students.

How can Parents Help?

  1. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep before coming to school. This way, they will have lots of energy to listen and concentrate in class.
  2. Make sure the school can contact you if something does go wrong. We can ring you on your mobile and you can come to school and help.
  3. Make your child come to school, even if they say they don’t want to. It is best for them to come to school every day so they will always be learning.
  4. Come to school yourself. You can sit with your child in class, help the teacher to teach and you will see that the school is a fun, happy place to be.

If you are not sure about what to do or need some information about schooling and education, you can speak to the classroom teachers who are always very friendly and willing to help.

You could also speak to the Wellbeing Coordinator who may have some good tips and information for you too.