Secondary students at Yuendumu School make up an important and vibrant part of the whole school community. Secondary classes are composed as multiple year level cohorts and include all students from Year 6 onwards. We offer a comprehensive and rich curriculum across different learning areas. Students in the Secondary School have the opportunity to participate in the following subjects: English, Math, Design and Technology, Physical Health and Education, Visual Art, Science and History. There is a strong focus in the secondary school to create engaging literacy and numeracy activities that not only follow components outlined in the Australian Curriculum, but primarily respond to students’ interests and needs. We strive to provide many opportunities to incorporate Warlpiri language and culture into everyday classroom practices. We make it a priority to promote the characteristics of active learners who take control of their learning and work hard to set and achieve goals.

Secondary classrooms at Yuendumu School offer a supportive and safe learning environment for all students. The classrooms are happy spaces in which every student feels valued and respected. We work closely and consistently with families in order to sustain strong relationships with our students and wider community. We regularly consult with families about students’ learning and behaviour. The Secondary School has a strong emphasis on increased and consistent attendance from all students. We utilise our annually interstate excursion, our football academy & basketball team as ways to encourage our students to attend regularly.

The secondary cohort is divided into three classes:

Middle Years Fellas—In this class students learn how to work independently and as part of a team. Students have access to computers and select from a range of literacy and numeracy learning activities at their own level. We frequently head out on short bush trips, where fellas who are strong in Warlpiri culture and bushcraft take on a leadership role in passing knowledge on to their peers. Elders often accompany us on these trips to share their experience of the land and its dreamings.

Upper Secondary Fellas – In this class students focus on being engaged and active learners. Students are encouraged to ‘have a go’ and extend themselves in all learning activities. Students engage in literacy and numeracy activities every day. Students also have the opportunity to take part in art, HPE, design and technology, history and science. Students are rewarded for their attendance and good behaviour with frequent trips away to Alice Springs and other communities to take part in football games.

Secondary Girls and Young Women—In this class students learn all subjects in a safe and welcoming environment. Students work hard to create a space that is ‘theirs’ and where they feel comfortable and happy with each other. Students engage in literacy and numeracy activities every day, but the focus is always on incorporating students’ interests and needs into these activities. As a result, in the last 18 months the girls in the Secondary School have been engaged in cupcake making & decorating and have become well known around the community for the beautiful and professional cupcakes they sell!