Yuendumu is a very special place, with great people and a long and proud history. When you arrive in Yuendumu, people make you feel welcome and invite you to become part of the community. Throughout the history of the school, the community has always pushed for two-way education, where Warlpiri language and culture is taught, valued and respected alongside English language and Western culture. We are proudly bilingual and bicultural and keep this two-way approach as our guiding principle.

My vision for the school is that we can become a place where every student can meet their full potential. We want every student to follow the school values and to show commitment to making Yuendumu, and the wider world, a great place. We want every student to graduate being literate in Warlpiri and English, so that they can access all that the world has to offer. We aim to cater for every student according to their individual needs and to celebrate difference.

In everything we do, and in every decision that we make, we aim to do it hand-in-hand with community. As a school we believe that if we work together and believe in the potential of every student, we can help to make Yuendumu an even stronger and better place.

We look back at the rich history and we look forward to the bright future. Jintangka, with unity, the school moves forward.

Michael Timewell