Yuendumu School is a remote educational institution located in the heart of the Tanami Desert. The School caters for preschool, primary and secondary aged students. The school has a transient population but the enrolment generally ranges from 180 to 250 students.

Traditionally Yuendumu School has run a Two-way Learning Program (Teaching and learning of the Warlpiri language and culture as well as a western perspective across the school curriculum.) A unique feature of the school is the Bilingual Resource Development Unit (BRDU) which produces texts and learning support material in Warlpiri. The BRDU team includes an Executive Teacher Level 2 (Two-way), Literacy Production Supervisor and two Literacy Workers. The school encourages high levels of involvement of local people to ensure a continuation of material can be produced.
Yuendumu School also hosts culture day for the students and community. Children participate in different cultural activities such as parraja painting, boomerang making, cultural dancing, etc. Sometimes the elders from the community teach the students about their culture and tradition.