Message from Principal..

Yuendumu School is a Preschool to Senior Years school, with approximately 160 students on the active roll. We have a great team of committed and vibrant staff, both yapa (Indigenous people) and kardiya (non-Indigenous). 95% of our students speak Warlpiri as their first language.

Our motto

Pirlirrpa rarralypa, Pirlirrpa Pirrjird;
Growing them strong in spirit.

Our vision

Together we will create a safe, supportive and stimulating school that nurtures each student to help them grow up strong and successful.

Our mission and structure

We are focusing on explicit teaching (English and Warlpiri) in eight areas: sounds (phonological awareness), symbols (grapho-phonics / alphabet), words (vocabulary), structure (grammar), genre (which is culture-determined), fluency, listening and speaking, and comprehension.

-Kylie Johnston
Principal, Yuendumu School


Yuendumu School Mission

Our Mission and Structure


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